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Airmax EcoSeries 1/2 HP Fountain

Starting at $1,850

Airmax Aeration Systems

Featuring industry leading compressor design, best-in-class diffuser plates, and a quiet & cool cabinet design. Airmax Aeration has a system for every lake or pond.

Airmax Fountains

Featuring industry leading spray patterns, an innovative low-maintenance design, best-in-class energy efficiency, and Made in the USA!

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Michigan Lake & Pond Management

Blue Water Aquatics has been committed to Michigan Lake and Pond Management for over 20 years. With our certified team of managers and aquatic technicians, we can provide quality and effective solutions quickly. With all of the services we offer, the most common and preferred services are Algae & Pondweed Control, Fountain Sales and Service, Aeration Systems, Product Sales, and Mosquito Control - Blue Water Aquatics has you covered!

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