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Sunset Kayak

Products for your Lake or Pond

Blue Water Aquatics has you covered for all of your lake or pond products. Our products and services promote contributing to maintain the health and looks of your waterbody. Our products include fountains, aerators, lake management, pond management, aquatic weed and algae control, mosquito control, water quality, phragmites control, and much more! Learn more by clicking a product service listed above, or contact us here to get in touch with a representative today!


Fountains establish health and beauty in ponds. These services promote a healthy environment for plants, fish, and other living organisms.

Fountain Accessories

Enhance the look of your fountain with optional spray patterns to create stronger or more simple features.

Aquatic weed and algae control

Proper management of aquatic weed and algae, and other aquatic nuisance plants is crucial to maintain and healthy lake


An Aeration system improves the ecosystem in your pond. Examples are oxygen levels, fish health, reducing organic build up and limit the blooms of algae.

Mosquito Control

Control the mosquitos! Our mosquito barrier product is a safe and simple solution to the annoyance of summer time mosquitos.

Phragmites spraying and removal

Phragmites is an invasive species that reduce the shoreline water access and reduces views to water from the shore

Fountain Lighting

Light up your fountain with a new LED lighting system of your choice. Optional color choices and cord type to protect the lighting kit.

Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing is good for a lake or pond that is frequently used for swimming or other interested use.

Bird Deterrent Sprinkler

Keep geese and other birds away from your yard or waterbody with the bird deterrent sprinkler. Contact us for more info

Away With Geese Light

Keep geese away from in or around your water with the Away With Geese Light. Contact us for more info.

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