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Lake & Pond Management Services of Michigan

Blue Water Aquatics has been specializing in Michigan Lake and Pond Management Services for 25+ Years. Our primary focus is customer satisfaction. With our services strategically designed for cost-management and quality, we put our customers concerns and goals first. We are a company that strives on perfection and quality, we make sure to provide our customers with nothing less than excellence.

Here at Blue Water Aquatics, we understand the importance of encouraging improvement, developing strong customer relationships, and delivering effective Blue Water Results. Our team is built around our Blue Water Benefits, that make up our core values of Dedication, Precision, and Focus. With Blue Water Benefits, that develops our solid team structure. We believe that having a solid team will lead to more effective and better quality results for our customers.

We are a company that is constantly willing to adapt to change and learn how to provide better services to our customers. The industry will always be changing for more effective solutions, and so will Blue Water Aquatics. We believe in being a different company, a company that will always go above and beyond to make things right for our customers. Go with the BLUE, and experience Blue Water Results!

Be sure to explore all of our services we offer and let us know what you need!

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Capture Beauty with Benefits

Blue Water Aquatics is partnered with Airmax to provide quality Fountain and Aerator products. Blue Water Aquatics is an Authorized Dealer and Certified Repair Center to extend our services to all Fountain and Aerator Services. Product sales, repair services, and winter storage are all available with Blue Water Aquatics.



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Lake Management Services


Strategic planning to maximize the use and value of your Lake. Our Lake services increase the functionality and beauty of your Lake.

Pond Management Services

Our Pond services consists of unique, cost management services to ensure a beautiful, eco-friendly water body.

Fountain/Aeration Services

Our Fountain services consists of everything from initial survey to fountain installation, removal, service, and seasonal storage.


"These guys are amazing! Very professional and accommodating. We had a family reunion coming up shortly when our pond took an alge hit. They fit us in right away and in a couple weeks, they had the pond looking amazing! Everyone was impressed! Thank you!"

- Kirsten Dube 2019

"They did an amazing job!!! We absolutely love our new fountain!!! So beautiful!!!"

- Nichole Turoski 2020

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