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Algae and Weed Control


EasyKlear Label

EasyKlear SDS

Airmax EasyKlear Defense 15 lbs

PriceFrom $119.99
  • EasyKlear Defense 2-In-1 Granular is easy to use, works fast, and provides long-lasting results. Works on floating and submerged algae, including Chara, and a broad spectrum of submerged weeds. Works great in ponds, lakes, and even areas with flowing water, such as a dock area or canal. EasyKlear takes the guesswork out of pond and lake treatments.


    Reactive treatments such as algaecides, herbicides, and mechanical tools can help control unwanted weeds or algae and are a key step in the Airmax Ecosystem, a simple 3 step approach to pond and lake management. The Airmax Ecosystem is the industry-leading method to achieve a clean, clear, thriving aquatic ecosystem

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