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Hand Touching Water


Important product information

Blue Water Aquatics Disclaimer

For the most accurate product label and safety data information, please contact us or the product manufacturer directly.

The information provided on this website is for general reference information only and is not intended for anything specific.

Be sure to ALWAYS read and follow the product label instructions, risks, applications, use, storage, personal protective equipment (PPE), proper disposal, and restrictions that may apply to any product.

Blue Water Aquatics works hard to provide content, images, and product information with as much accuracy as possible. With those efforts, errors and typos or other technical mistakes may occur occasionally. Blue Water Aquatics is not responsible for such mistakes and reserves the right to correct them at any time. Product purchase and use is solely all customer responsibility and the customer understands that Blue Water Aquatics will not be held accountable for product use and the risks involved with each product. Use at Your Own Risk and follow proper instructions and safety on the product label to ensure your own protection.

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