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Serving Southeast Michigan Since 2002

Blue Water Aquatics, Serving Southeast Michigan

Blue Water Aquatics providing lake and pond management dates back over 20 years ago. We take pride of being a family-owned and operated business to bring dedicated, quality services to communities all over southeast Michigan. Starting with Aquatic Weed and Algae Control, our services have grown including Fountain Sales and Service, Aeration Services, Muck Control, and much more! Our goal is to constantly adapt and learn new technology and make a difference in our community and help our customers better understand quality lake and pond management.

The Go With The Blue Convenience

At Blue Water Aquatics, we have the ability to conduct quotes and sales online to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Rest assured, we have knowledgeable technicians and management available to answer any questions you may have as well as guide you through the process all year. We have a dedicated team of certified applicators by the State of Michigan available for treatments of your lake or pond, fountain installation or service, aeration design and installation, and any other services we offer! You can browse our website - to view our inventory of lake and pond products, personalize your fountain or aeration system and review pricing options, all from the comfort of your home or office on our website - is just a click away!


To develop open and honest relationships, provide innovative solutions with dedication, and personalize the overall customer experience to deliver complete satisfaction.

Develop Open and Honest Relationships

The combination of our mission and core values creates a strong foundation of our vision, to develop open and honest relationships with every customer. We believe everything is about relationships and the communication that takes place within them. Whether it's employee, customer, or vendor, building lasting relationships is of utmost importance. To connect with people we must listen, be compassionate, and to be humble.

Provide Innovative Solutions with Dedication

Blue Water Aquatics understands that water management can be complicated. Our mission is to achieve results that exceed our clients expectations by providing customized management programs by actively researching the newest products, technology, and methods in the industry to design the most appropriate management programs to ensure optimal results.

Personalize The Overall Customer Experience To Deliver Complete Satisfaction

We understand that nobody wants to treated like a number. At Blue Water Aquatics, you won't be! When customers hire us, we want them to have such a great experience that they go on to tell others about us. We choose not to be normal or average in customer service, we choose to be diverse and deliver the best experiences. Our customers are our number one priority. They drive the growth and direction of our business. For this reason, we are more than willing to go the extra mile for them. Develop, Dedication, and Deliver!


Since 2002 Blue Water Aquatics has been providing customers with services for managing aquatic weed and algae control problems in lakes and ponds throughout Michigan. Blue Water Aquatics has been a family owned and operated company based out of Oakland county Michigan.


Kirk Grant, President of Blue Water Aquatics is directly involved with day-to-day operations. As a hands-on owner, Kirk oversees daily operations with over 29 years of experience.

Blue Water Aquatics started with specializing in aquatic weed and algae control in 2002 and expanded our services into mosquito control, fountains and aerators, and much more!

Blue Water Aquatics has served more than hundreds of customers in Southeastern Michigan. From small ponds to great lakes, to canals and fountains, Blue Water Aquatics has customized, cost-management services for every customer!

Here at Blue Water Aquatics, we are not just another company, we are a Family Owned and Operated Business! Being a Family Owned and Operated Business, we stand apart from the rest as our customer satisfaction will always be our

NUMBER ONE priority!

Our Team is built around Dedication, Precision, and Focus. Our employees are trained to be dedicated of providing the best possible customer experience. Our work is performed with nothing but precision as well as Customer Focus!

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