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Learn about our treatment process with the rules, regulations, or other requirements in our process

Posting Signs

On the day of or day prior of the treatment, Blue Water Aquatics will post yellow notice signs for water use restrictions along the shoreline of the waterbody via by tree or stake. These signs will inform homeowners, and/or other individuals of the treatment (herbicides or algaecides being used etc.) and water use restrictions that may apply to the use of the water after the treatment.


Blue Water Aquatics uses flat bottom skiff boats that will allow us to operate in waters as shallow us 2 feet. These boats are equipped with liquid and granular spreading equipment as well as other technology to measure depths, temperature, and other useful data for some of our services.

We also have smaller boats for shallow ponds and waters that do not have an easy access point for launching our regular fleet boats. 

Blue Water Aquatics applies liquid herbicides and algaecides using high pressure pumps to cast the product a safe and effective distance and also to inject the product into the water sub-surface. 


All applicators of Blue Water Aquatics who perform these treatments are fully certified by the Michigan Department of Agriculture to conduct these treatments safely and effectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Can I Take The Notice Sign Down?

You may remove the sign AFTER all restrictions listed expire. Please follow all restrictions listed for the duration it is assigned.

  • Why Did You Post A Sign On My Tree?

As required by EGLE, we post a yellow notice sign between your home and the water to inform you of a treatment that has been or going to be performed on your waterbody.

  • What If I Did Not See The Sign And Went Swimming?

Don't panic! Be sure to take a shower immediately to rinse off the treated water. Watch for any symptoms following the swim or shower that may be due to swimming or contact of the treatment products. If symptoms occur, please review the sign of the products used and refer to that products Label and Safety Data Sheet.

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