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Products and Service Programs for Natural Muck Reduction

What is Muck?

Muck is accumulating dead organic debris on the bottom of your pond or beachfront. This can become a bigger issue if left untreated and can accumulate 1/2" or more of muck each year. Muck is not only a recreational nuisance, it is a natural fertilizer for aquatic weeds and algae. To help reduce muck, we offer specialized natural bacteria treatments. While we do not offer any dredging services, our bacteria treatments are far more cost-effective than dredging, and are less invasive to the surrounding landscape. 


Does bacteria kill weeds and algae?

No, bacteria treatments will not kill weeds and/or algae. However, bacteria reduces muck as muck can potentially promote weeds and algae issues. 

Are bacteria treatments safe?

Yes, bacteria is safe and will not harm humans, fish, or other wildlife.

Are bacteria treatments effective?

Yes, bacteria is an all-natural process that will break down muck and convert it into a harmless gas that will dissipate out of the water column. 

DIY Solutions

Reduce muck in your pond with our natural bacteria products. Browse our selection of pond muck removers to clean up your pond.

Muck Reduction Treatments

Our Muck Reduction treatment programs provide all-natural bacteria products to your pond periodically to help reduce the buildup of muck. This program can be applied with our aquatic weed and algae control programs as well.

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