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Algaecide & Herbicide Sprayer

  • Perform treatment applications from shore
  • Use with liquid or granular treatment
  • Chemical resistant viton seals



Airmax Pro Sprayer

PriceFrom $4,800.00
  • The water treatment, algaecide, and herbicide sprayer covers distances of up to 50 feet! The Airmax Pro Sprayer is designed for even application of with any liquid or granular algaecides and herbicides that need constant agitation and suspension within the tank. The 10-gallon hopper-style tank prevents settling and ensures that all product is used throughout the application. All fittings and valves are schedule 80 banjo fittings with chemical-resistant Viton seals.

    Easily move the system to various locations around the waterbody to ensure complete coverage. The portable water treatment, algaecide, and herbicide sprayer is also ideal for boat applications where complete coverage cannot be achieved from shore. 1-year warranty.

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