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Allows One Airline From Compressor to the Pond

  • Works With Airmax Aeration Systems
  • Use One Direct Burial Airline for Multiple Plates
  • Adjust Multiple Airlines at the Pond


Remote Manifold Kit Manual

Airmax Remote Manifold Kit

PriceFrom $499.99
  • The Airmax Remote Manifold Assembly Kit allows for a single run of direct burial line from the power source to the pond. Perfect for ponds where the power source is a long distance away from the pond's edge. Includes valve box, manifold and adapter to connect compressor(s) to airline. Adapter is set up for 1" poly tubing. A great addition to any Airmax Aeration System. This kit lets you make airflow adjustments pond side so you can remain in view of the diffusers.

    *Please Note: Aeration systems that house 2 compressors will require two Remote Manifold Kits and two runs of direct burial airline.

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