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Aerates Ponds Up to 2 Acres and 20 Feet Deep, Up to 12 Hours

  • Improves Water Quality and Oxygen Levels
  • Alternative Energy Ideal for Remote Ponds
  • Built to Last & Zero Operating Costs
  • Two American Made Solar Panels
  • Engineered for Quiet Operation


SolarSeries Manual

Airmax Aeration SolarSeries Direct Drive SS20-DD, Runs up to 12 Hours

PriceFrom $4,999.99
  • Solar pond aeration systems are ideal for pond owners seeking alternative energy options or for remote ponds with no access to electricity. The Airmax SolarSeries was engineered to work in all areas of the country, during cloudy weather and in winter months.

    SolarSeries aeration systems are designed to the highest quality standards, making them long-lasting, low maintenance, and with near-silent operation. Best of all, once it is installed, your SolarSeries solar pond aerator will be powered with 100% renewable energy and zero operating costs.

    Unlike single-panel systems, the Airmax SolarSeries comes standard with two American made, high-quality, high-output solar panels for maximum performance.

    The SolarSeries Direct Drive solar powered pond aerator has a 24-volt DC SilentAir compressor housed in a thermoset fiberglass control panel that conveniently attaches to the solar panel mounting assembly. The direct drive system provides highly effective and efficient diffused aeration during the day, even in low-light conditions, for up to 12 hours.

    Aeration provides many benefits to the health of a pond such as muck reduction, water clarity, reduced algae, and fish health. These benefits are optimized when aeration operates approximately 24 hours per day. Direct drive systems, which run up to 12 hours per day, can prevent winter fish kills in freezing climates and provide supplemental oxygen saturation during the hot months of summer.

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