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36-inch Wide, Razor Sharp Teeth for Aquatic Weed Removal


Jenlis Razer Rake Manual

Jenlis Collapsible Razer Rake

SKU: 580130
  • The Razer Rake is the first collapsible aluminum lake rake that is ideal for lakeshore maintenance, pond cleaning, and landscaping. It takes up less space than a shovel and significantly less space than other lake rakes when collapsed. The Razer Rake provides 36 inches of harvesting surface. The Razer rake head is designed to minimize weight without sacrificing quality making it lighter than other professional-grade aluminum rake heads. The Rake’s teeth are designed specifically for aquatic vegetation management and care. Teeth on the Razer Rake are 10% lighter, 20% longer, and 10% wider than the teeth on other competing tools and Lake Rakes. The leading edge of the tip of each rake tooth is formed to make a chiseling edge for better cutting and digging action.

    Storage space is always a limiting factor wherever you keep your lake, pond, and landscaping equipment. The Razer Rake solves that problem giving you one less thing to worry about on your lake or pond front property. With the Razer Rake, you get the best of both worlds, a lake rake that can cut and dig out low profile lake and pond weeds and their roots and a tool that can retrieve them.

    The Razer Rake is the ideal complement to the WeedRazer and WeedRaker. It is ideal for digging and cutting the roots of plants cut by the Weed Razer. The lightweight and 9-foot handle makes the Razer Rake perfect for tossing and retrieving. The floating rope will keep the lake rake from disappearing in the water should you lose control of the rope.

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