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  • Easy Adjustable Blade
  • Easily Remove Thick Aquatic Vegetation 
  • Optimal weed-cutting performance

Jenlis Weed Razer Pro Aquatic Weed Cutter

SKU: 580113
  • Designed to control and remove lake weeds, the WeedRazer Pro™ is the most popular version of  Weed Razer aquatic weed cutters. It has the same weed-slicing performance as the original; this easy-to-use cutting tool features stainless-steel blades that adjust to seven different angles to cut through tough underwater weeds. It effectively clears a path through the water from 30 to 62 inches and collapses for compact storage. Multiple blade positions allow optimal weed-cutting performance with all types of aquatic vegetation and densities. The WeedRazer Pro™ comes fully assembled. Just snap the handle together and go.

    The Weed Razer Pro includes lock-in-place blade covers that are easy to install for maximum safety while not in use and a floating rope that can reach aquatic weeds up to 30 feet in all directions from one location. The WeedRazer Pro™ is environmentally friendly and can be used quickly, easily and safely to remove underwater weeds in ponds and lakes. Tip: Use the Weed Raker to remove weed fragments after cutting underwater plants.

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