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Pond Aeration Systems

An Aeration system improves the ecosystem in your pond. Examples are oxygen levels, fish health, reducing organic build up and limit the blooms of algae. 

Aeration Units

What Are The Benefits of Aeration?

An Aeration unit promotes several different factors for the health and beauty of a pond. These factors include the mixing of gasses to improve the health of living organisms like fish and the ecosystem. An Aerator also helps make a pond look clearer, make a pond cleaner, and reduce the amount of muck at the bottom that would be found on the bottom of an unaerated pond.

Oxygen Levels- 

An Aerator mixes the gasses found in a pond, releasing any toxic gasses. It then promotes Oxygen to replace the gasses that would be released. Oxygen is used by water-cleaning organisms to drive their metabolic processes. There are two layers in a pond. The surface layer of an unaerated pond does not mix with water in the layers below. This causes the oxygen in the lower layer to become depleted under stratified conditions then causes toxic gasses to build up and lead to the health of the pond to suffer, causing the overall ecosystem to become a poor environment for organisms. 

What Is Stratification- 

Stratified conditions means a pond without aeration will become stratified into two separate layers. The heat during hot summer months will cause the surface water to warm up and then leads to the water to become less dense and lighter than the cooler water on the bottom of the pond, acting similar to mixing oil with water, the two never mix.


Do you have muck on the bottom of your pond? If yes, this is generally the reason for it. With the conditions to reduce water cleaning organisms, any debris such as leaves, sediment, or nutrients that enter the waterbody will make its way to the bottom surface, causing it to accumulate. This layer of accumulated debris is what many refer to as "pond muck" or simply "muck". This layer of muck is generally unwanted, but can also act as a toxic lower layer to your pond causing favorable conditions for algae blooms, an increase of fish kills, and unwanted weed growth throughout the pond. 

Now with a better understanding of Aerators, the true benefits of Aerators promotes an overall healthier ecosystem within your pond, keeps fish healthy, and allows the pond to show its beauty!

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