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Designed For Your Needs!


DIY Solutions

Blue Water Aquatics can help you accomplish the task of managing your pond if you are a Do It Yourself individual. We can help you purchase the correct products to effectively and safely perform treatments and achieve your goals.

The products that are listed below are the same products in our inventory that we use for our Professional Treatment Programs. Blue Water Aquatics offers the same commercial-grade products in all of our services. We will also help you determine the size of your waterbody and treatment area, target plants, the correct products to use, and the correct amount and rate to use that product. 

Importantly, we will also inform you of any restrictions and/or requirements for the use of products in your waterbody. These restrictions may consist of product use restrictions like when to use, rate and amount used, or other requirements like permitting and other authoritative approvals needed prior to using those products.

Professional Treatment Programs

We Provide Treatments For:

  • HOA Ponds

  • Golf Course Ponds

  • Retention/Detention Ponds

  • Residential Ponds

  • Canals

  • Marinas

  • Lakefront Properties

Common Plants We Target:

  • Floating and submerged Algae

  • Filamentous Algae

  • Chara

  • Curly Leaf Pondweed

  • Thin Leaf

  • Coontail

  • Water Milfoil

  • Eurasian Water Milfoil

  • Floating Pondweed

  • Duckweed

  • Naiads

  • Cattails and Phragmites

Treatment Programs We Offer:

Season Treatment Program

Our season program offers regularly scheduled treatments throughout the treatment season (May - September) to ensure your lake or pond is looking great and blue all year. 

Call to Request Program

Our Call to Request program offers treatment frequency based on your individual needs. Your first treatment will be performed in May and any treatments needed thereafter is based upon your request.

Licensed Technicians

All of our technicians are fully certified individuals and in full compliance with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (EGLE) licensing requirements. All technicians are required to follow specific regulations of the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

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