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Recommended for 1/2 - 1 Acre Ponds


  • High Flow, Energy Efficient Design
  • Largest Most Defined Spray Patterns
  • Innovative Low Maintenance Design
  • 5-Year Warranty on Fountain & Control Panel


* Contact us for additional power cord options

Airmax LakeSeries 2 HP Fountain, 230V

PriceFrom $7,948.99

    The Airmax LakeSeries 2 HP Fountain offers superior performance among pond fountains while remaining easy to install, maintain, and customize with a variety of optional spray patterns and full-spectrum, color-changing LED lights. The LakeSeries is Airmax’s premier decorative fountain line, stepping up in class with higher horsepower options, larger spray patterns, and an industry-exclusive design.

    All Airmax LakeSeries floating pond fountains are engineered for easy installation using the exclusive ISP Float System. The LakeSeries 2 HP Fountain aerates ponds up to 1 surface acre, 6' deep. To achieve sufficient aeration, larger ponds require multiple fountains or a bottom diffused aeration system.

    Standard Options Include: Control panel with 2 digital timers and GFCI protections, ISP float design, a single spray pattern fountain nozzle, stainless steel motor and motor lead, oversized modular intake screen, as well as power cord with strain relief and underwater disconnect. The minimum operating depth is 36”. Power cord lengths range from 100' to 600'. Three cord protection options are available. The fountain and control panel include a 5-year warranty.


    LakeSeries Spray Pattern Nozzles

    In addition to their visual beauty, decorative fountains also provide a relaxing sound as the water gently splashes back into your pond or lake. Airmax fountains are designed to mimic the sounds of nature, such as a stream or a waterfall. All you will hear is the sound of falling water, not the whirl of a motor nor the drumming of water on a plastic float. The streamlined ISP Float System does not interfere with the sound of the water, and the efficient motor is whisper quiet.

    With multiple spray patterns to choose from, you can select one spray pattern (included in your LakeSeries Fountain Purchase) to enhance the look of your outdoor space. Or purchase additional spray pattern nozzles separately to change the look of the fountain anytime. The quick-change spray nozzles allow you to switch your fountain display quickly and easily - no tools required.


    - Classic Spray Pattern

    The Classic Spray Pattern creates a graceful V-shaped display. A more traditional fountain, both in shape and sound, the Classic remains a popular choice. 
    Pattern Dimensions: 11'H x 30'W


    - Trumpet Spray Pattern

    As the name suggests, the Trumpet Spray Pattern produces a horn-shaped fountain that stands tall before falling back into the pond or lake in a veil of water and mist.
    Pattern Dimensions: 20'H x 9'W


    - Crown & Trumpet Spray Pattern

    The Crown & Trumpet Spray Pattern combines a wide arch with a central trumpet, creating a robust display. The Crown & Trumpet is ideal for those who prefer a full pattern with ample water movement and sound.
    Pattern Dimensions: Trumpet: 14'H x 10'W
    Crown: 6'H x 46'W


    - Gusher Spray Pattern

    The tallest pattern, the Gusher generates a towering rush of water for a show-stopping fountain display – both in sight and sound.
    Pattern Dimensions: 21'H


    - Crown & Gusher Spray Pattern

    The Crown & Gusher Spray Pattern combines a powerful center stream with a classic arch. The Crown & Gusher produces an elegant, timeless pattern along with a relaxing sound.
    Pattern Dimensions: Gusher: 15'H
    Crown: 8'H x 52'W


    - Single Arch Spray Pattern

    The Single Arch Spray Pattern forms bold, clean lines and a smooth flow of water. The laminar flow is well suited for those who prefer a more polished look.
    Pattern Dimensions: 13'H x 30'W


    - Double Arch Spray Pattern

    The Double Arch Spray Pattern features the same crisp lines as the Single Arch, displayed in two graceful tiers. The tranquil look of this fountain is matched only by the tranquil, soothing sound it creates.
    Pattern Dimensions: 1st Tier: 13'H x 16'W
    2nd Tier: 6'H x 46'W


    - Double Arch & Geyser Spray Pattern

    Three fountain tiers make the Double Arch & Geyser Spray Pattern a customer favorite. The center geyser adds height while the two arched tiers fill out the visual.
    Pattern Dimensions: Geyser: 13'H
    1st Tier: 7'H x 20'W
    2nd Tier: 4'H x 30'W


    - Blossom Spray Pattern

    An elegant view from every angle, the Blossom Spray Pattern features two tiers for added visual interest. The first tier is a crisp arch that stands tall at the center. The second is a generous spray that spreads wide over the water.
    Pattern Dimensions: 1st Tier: 14'H x 16'W
    2nd Tier: 2.5'H x 20'W


    • Maintenance Free, Energy Efficient Design

    Powering the LakeSeries is a stainless-steel, continuous duty motor which is supported by advanced pump and cooling chambers that extend motor life and maximize thermal transfer. All with no oil, seals, or bearings to change. Resulting in optimum motor performance and durability, while remaining energy efficient.


    • Airmax 230V Control Panel

    All Airmax Fountain systems are equipped with a durable control panel designed with 2 programmable 24-hour digital timers, so you can independently program your fountain and lights to run up to 8 times a day. Airmax control panels feature motor and light GFCI protection for optimum safety in the event of a ground fault. 230v 60hz, Single Phase. 5-year warranty.


    • Power Cord Lengths

    All fountain power cords come standard with an underwater quick disconnect and stainless-steel strain relief. The included strain relief cable attachment prevents the power cord from being damaged if the cord is snagged or tugged. Power cords are available in 100' - 600' lengths.


    • Power Cord Protection (Optional)

    All Airmax floating fountains come with a standard power cord. If you have nuisance pond wildlife such as beavers, muskrats, or nutria that are notorious for chewing, you may want to explore cord protection options. Replacement power cords can be expensive and time-consuming, so investing in cord protection is an excellent insurance policy for your fountain. Airmax power cords can be wrapped with durable PolyFlex Cord Protection. If you are looking for something more substantial, we highly recommend the Stainless-Steel Cord Protection as the ultimate deterrent against power cord damage.


    • Optional Lighting

    Set the mood by changing the color of your pond fountain lights, including white, blue, green, red, and more. The Airmax RGBW LakeSeries Fountain Light Set is run by a wireless remote with a range of up to 200 feet. The wireless remote allows you to change colors, dim/brighten the lights, control flash speed, or select from 9 different preset program modes. Available in 9-Light Sets for the LakeSeries 2 HP.

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