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Color-Changing LED LakeSeries Fountain Lights

  • Engineered to Fit LakeSeries Fountains
  • Easy Installation, Clamps onto Pontoon Floats
  • Set the Mood by Changing Colors of Your Fountain
  • Available in 9 Light Sets for 2 & 3 HP or 12 Light Sets for 5 HP


* Contact us for additional power cord options


Airmax RGBW LakeSeries Fountain Lights Manual

Airmax RGBW LakeSeries Fountain LED 9 & 12 Light Sets

PriceFrom $3,704.99
  • Airmax RGBW LakeSeries Fountain Lights are available in 9 or 12 Color-Changing LED Light Sets designed to fit 2 to 5 HP LakeSeries Fountains. Each light set is powered by low energy, high output 115V LED sealed bulbs. When installed, the lights are designed to be only partially submerged; this maximizes light output and helps to keep lenses free of debris for low maintenance. All light sets come with a remote and junction box that attaches to the fountain power unit. The wireless remote has range of up to 200 feet that lets you select a variety of color options and 9 preset programs. 3-Year Warranty.

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