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Lake & Pond Services

Our lake & pond services are designed to provide strategic, cost-effective solutions for your lake or pond to ensure safe and functional use.

Aquatic Weed & Algae Control

Nuisance aquatic plants reduces the recreational use, functionality, and value of your lake. Proper control can help ensure the key balance of aquatic plants.


Fountain Sales & Service

Fountains provide beautiful views and peaceful sounds of your lake and also provide aeration that will help promote a healthier ecosystem.


Muck Reducers

Reduce muck in your pond with our natural bacteria products. Browse our selection of pond muck removers to clean up your pond.

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Pond Colorants

Adding Pond dye can help limit sun exposure and promote a healthier ecosystem within the pond. 


Tools & Accessories

Easily cut and remove unwanted aquatic vegetation from your lakefront or pond to reduce muck and promote more recreational water use.


Aeration Systems

Promote a balanced ecosystem in your lake or pond with a proper aeration system. Let us design an aeration system for your lake or pond. Shop Airmax Aeration to keep your lake or pond clean and blue.


Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes live in and around water. With our mosquito services, enjoy the environment around your home or waterbody mosquito free.


Phragmites & Emergent Plants

Phragmites and other emergent plants can cause rapid growth to overtake shoreline access, reduce visibility, as well as other water use issues. Phragmites are an invasive species.


Predator Control

Keep predators and unwanted animals away from your pond or lakefront property. Protect your pond with predator control devices.


Water Clarifiers

Improve water clarity in your pond with our all-natural water clarifier products to clean up your pond and make it clear and blue.


The Treatment Process

All lake applications start from a planning stage of the existing conditions of the waters, the goals and expectations of the homeowners/lake board, and following the specifications of the permit from EGLE. The permit has specific regulations that Blue Water Aquatics must follow and approval of a permit must be in effect before any treatment applications are performed on that waterbody. The next steps of the treatment process are as follows:


On the day of or before treatment, Blue Water Aquatics will post a treatment notice sign with water use restrictions along the shoreline of the waterbody. The notice signs are in place to inform homeowners and/or the public that may use the waterbody of the specific herbicides, algaecides, or any other products that may be used in that treatment along with each products specific water use restrictions that apply after the treatment has been performed. These notice signs may be taken down AFTER all water use restrictions have expired. If you have any questions or concerns about the products used in the treatment, be sure to view all of our Labels and Safety Data sheets on our website. All notice signs must be posted on trees or by stake as required by EGLE. 


Blue Water Aquatics uses flat bottom Carolina Skiff boats that allow us to operate in and navigate through areas as shallow as 2 feet. Our treatment boats are equipped with pumps and spray equipment used for liquid and granular applicating. We also have specialty designed row boats for applications that do not have a launch access site or hard to access waters. 


All Blue Water Aquatics staff performing these treatment applications are certified by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. 

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