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The heavy-duty steel Industrial Cage protects the Industrial Unit and is recommended for locations where a person abusing the unit is of concern. The Industrial Cage is mounted over and locked to the Industrial Unit, so that the unit is simultaneously safe from theft and also protected from harm by the Cage.

*(Industrial Unit sold separately)*

AWG Industrial Cage

$424.00 Regular Price
$331.00Sale Price
  • The Industrial Cage is made with 7 pounds of heavy-duty steel to protect your Industrial Unit and is recommended for locations where abuse of the unit by people is a concern (note: The Industrial Cage is only compatible with the Industrial Unit). The Industrial Unit averts theft in public areas by securing into the ground with a galvanized steel auger. The Industrial Cage is then placed around and locked to the Industrial Unit, so that the unit is simultaneously safe from theft and protected from harm by the Cage.

    • The Cage features heavy-duty steel bars that protect the light from harm, spaced to allow the light to effectively reach the geese at eye level.
    • While protecting the unit from harm, the solar panel is still free to collect sunlight for charging.
    • Installation is straight forward: there is a heavy-duty steel circular bottom plate with a slot that slides around the auger at ground level of the installed Industrial Unit and is then secured with a 8 inch landscaping spike.
    • The Cage is placed over the Unit and secured with a stainless steel rod, which feeds through the bars of the cage, the fitted hole on the side of the base, through the ABS plastic of the bottom of the light, the keyhole of the auger, and then through the other side of the base. The keyhole of the stainless steel rod is then locked the bars of the Cage with included Pad Lock and keys.
    • The heavy-duty steel of the cage has been finished with a durable all-weather black paint.

    Our units are all made of the most durable and high quality materials and are indestructible by weather. However, they are not intended to withstand abuse from people. If you think this might be a problem where you have geese, this Cage is incredible insurance that your investment in the Industrial Unit will be protected.

    Fill out our short, free Placement Study for our professional recommendation of the type and number of units, and their most effective placement for your property, via email.

  • WEIGHT 8 lbs
    DIMENSIONS 6 × 20 in

    Two-Year Parts Warranty:
    All Away With Geese™ products carry a two-year parts warranty. We will replace any part – including the light assembly – that may go bad, for up to two years after the initial purchase, provided that the product was used as directed and not physically damaged or vandalized.

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