Lake services include Lakes, Canals, Marinas, and water bodies generally larger than 10 acres


Pond services include retention and detention ponds, manmade ponds, and water bodies generally smaller than 10 acres


Fountain services include fountain purchases, installation, and maintenance

Lake and Pond Management Services

Blue Water Aquatics has been specializing in Michigan Lake and Pond Management Services since 2002. Since the day we opened, our primary focus is customer service and experience in all aspects of our services. We structure our business operations around our customers needs and expectations. 

We set core values in our operations to exceed our customers expectations. Our values start with positive, professional attitudes, to building strong customer relationships, to build an encouraging Team Spirit, and then deliver AMAZING Results!

Blue Water Aquatics is a company that strives on perfection, and customer enthusiasm. You will find our services to be better than best, because that's what we do! Explore all of our services and contact us with your needs to experience our "jaw dropping" results!

Contact us today at or our office at (248) 363-0205

Additional Services

Fish Stocking

Fish Swimming
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Is your Lake or Pond low on fish stock? With our Fish Stocking Services, we can introduce a new school of fish to your Lake or Pond or if you have a newly created Lake or Pond, we can give your water body some new life!

Phragmites Control

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Do you have Phragmites along your shoreline? This invasive plant can be controlled with our Phragmites Services

Mosquito Control

Chemical Spraying
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Mosquitos ruining your warm summer nights? With our Mosquito Control Services, we can significantly reduce if not eliminate the annoying little bugs interrupting your late summer nights outdoors!


"These guys are amazing! Very professional and accommodating. We had a family reunion coming up shortly when our pond took an alge hit. They fit us in right away and in a couple weeks, they had the pond looking amazing! Everyone was impressed! Thank you!"

- Kirsten Dube 2019